Sexual behaviours of universit essay

Results Of the 30 people surveyed the majority of the participants were between the ages of 19 and 21, this being the same for both males and females. Interest was taken in how these countries would differ with relation to gender, age, and lifestyle.

Alfred Kinsey was not by training a sociologist, but a biologist specializing in the taxonomy of gall wasps at Indiana University, Bloomington. Our consequences show that in fact more females prefer to be individual and more males prefer to be in a relationship. Discussion The information received from our conducted study showed Sexual behaviours of universit essay high disagreement in relation to our first hypothesis.

Culture and Sexual Behaviors

We Sexual behaviours of universit essay the study in three different countries of the school to supply us with a diverse choice of pupils ; in the Loeb edifice, University Centre and Southam hall. Cultures primarily have three elements: Transmitted through sexual activities, these diseases requires the attention of health workers and the awareness of the public.

Interest was also taken in how alcohol affects these behaviours, and how these behaviours affect student s academic performance.

We claimed that males with a high self-esteem would be more likely to engage in sexual activity more frequently than those with a lower self-esteem.

Our hypothesis was proved by our consequences. These then explains the active, open-minded, and experimenting characteristics of westerners. Culture is considered to be the mental programming of societies which differentiates them from another [2].

This allowed them to feel comfortable in answering the questions with complete honesty and ease as possible. We also thought that males would be more likely to engage in more than one relationship at a time than females would.

We believed that males would be more sexually active than females and that males would be more likely to prosecute in more than one relationship at a clip than a female would.

Often an array of factors can lead teens to initiate their first sexual experience. If we were to run this study again, we would have to add some questions that asked about the protection people use during sex, and how often they use it.

Once they had finished the study it was folded and placed into an envelope. We so asked if they would prefer to be individual or in a relationship. Almost all of the females with a lower self-esteem were single and had engaged in sexual activity either within the last month or the last week.

Our hypothesis stated the opposite ; we believed that males would hold engaged in sexual activity at a younger age that females.

We also took care to approach the students at different times of day to allow us a greater probability of variety. Sexual Behaviours of Students and Correlation with Other Behaviors.

Students today are faced with different force per unit areas coming from all facets of their lives.

Alfred Kinsey Essay

We decided to concentrate our survey on the sexual behavior of pupils and how these behaviors relate. The focus of the population is middle school students (children) who have been exposed and/or involved in underage sexual behavior, and/or students exposed to sexual.

The Department of Justice describes sexual assaults as any type of sexual contact or behavior that occurs without the explicit consent of the recipient. These behaviors can range from a misdemeanor, like fondling, to a felony, like attempted or completed rape.

Sexual Behaviours Of University Students Essay

According to a recent University of Kentucky study, 13% of teenagers have sex before the age of fifteen, and by the age of nineteen, 7/10 teens have had their first sexual encounter.

What makes this even more alarming for North Americans, is that European teen are more likely to use contraceptives. Culture and Sexual Behaviors Indeed, an obvious common trait of every being, insects, animals, and peoples, comes from their need for reproduction.

On the lesser beings, the need for reproduction is based on the security of their species and on increasing their population for food and territorial accumulation. Essays & Papers Sexual Behaviours Of University Students Essay - Paper Example Sexual Behaviours Of University Students Essay Students today are faced with different pressures coming from all aspects of their lives - Sexual Behaviours Of University Students Essay introduction.

Sexual behaviours of universit essay
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