Rhino poaching in assam essay

Rhinos attract tourists who bring money to national parks and local communities. Bandipur Karnataka tiger reserve is the first tiger reserve in the country and Bori, Satpura and Panchmari tiger reserves in Madhya Pradesh are the latest Rhinoceros in Nepal In Nepal, rhinoceros population was estimated at about animals until in Chitwan Valley.

Taiwan is supplied with most of its horns from South Africa and the horn is most commonly used for tranquilisers, for relieving dizziness, building energy, nourishing the blood, curing laryngitis, or simply curing whatever ails you.

Forest guards in Assam get modern weapons to check rhino poaching

Fulfillment of daily need forest resource and economic incentive to the local people may bring the awareness for the conservation among the local people.

Media release on CBC news. There is a small poor village on the side of the damn, the village used to make its income through fishing but now through rowing the poachers across the damn at night. Back in the s and 80s, horns from rhinos that were killed in East Africa mostly end up in the Yemen.

Assam goes for probe into rhino poaching

Poaching crisis as rhino horn demand booms in Asia. This therefore results in loss of Rhinos due to countries in conflict not taking control of the Rhino situation due to other issues. There are many factors as to why the Kruger National Park is the primary hunting ground for these poachers, some being that it boarders Mozambique which allows for poachers to obtain easy access to the park.

A pen is used to mark the point of removal — usually 7cm from the base of the front horn and 5cm from the base of the back horn. Poaching of rhinos is a pressing issue in Assam where nearly of them have been killed sincewhen the Congress returned to power.

Rhino Killed by Poachers in Kaziranga National Park, Take Away Horn

As mentioned earlier too many people are getting away with these crimes. More essays like this: After witnessing these gruesome crimes on various television programs such as the features on Carte Blanche, my heart has grown even fonder of these fine creatures and the continual threat that they are under.

Date viewed 4th May http: The poaching of rhino inside the core area of the national park is very frequent now a days and it has created big concern for the conserving forest officials.

Inscription on the back in German: A more common belief might be that Rhino horns are powdered and used for Chinese medicine and the horn is used to cure hangovers and Cancer. Three of them were shot dead during a shoot-out with rangers in the Pretoriuskop area. Population trend of Greater one horned Rhinoceros in Nepal.

Crocodile husbandry work was undertaken with a view to develop sanctuary. This was the 21st rhino killed by poachers in protected areas of Assam since January this year. Most of the poaching took place in Kaziranga, a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Wanted rhino poacher arrested in Assam, arms seized

A total of 42 rhinos were poached in Assam last year - 27 in Kaziranga alone. Dilwar Hussain, a wanted rhino poacher from Suwaguri village in Assam's Biswanath district, has won the Assam panchayat polls by a margin of votes.

Hussain won on a Congress ticket. Hussain, hailing from Suwaguri village, was twice arrested for his alleged involvement in rhino killing incidents and is currently out on bail. Rhino poaching in Assam is one of the major environmental issues in India which continues in the region of Kaziranga National Park, Manas National Park and some other grasslands of Assam.

The one horn rhino or Indian rhino is surviving in the north-east corner of India, Assam. Poachers kill rhino in Assam, chop off its horn. which unearthed a case of poaching of one-horned rhino in Assam’s Kamrup district, wildlife authorities said that they are yet to recover the.

Rhino Poaching Essay Sample

Keywords: development, militarisation, Assam, rhino poaching. race and crucially for this essay, space I draw on ethnographic fieldwork in the rhino poaching hotspot of the Mozambique.

Manas National Park

56 rows · Jun 01,  · Rhino poaching in Assam is one of the major environmental issues in India .

Rhino poaching in assam essay
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Rhino poaching attempt foiled in Assam's Orang National Park | Guwahati News - Times of India