Defence day of pakistan 6 september essay

Pakistan celebrates this day and tells the people that how people were brave at the critical time and were proud of offering sacrifices of their lives for the defence of Pakistan.

Everyone decides in the mind that what works which will be significant for the country and pray for the independence of the country. On that day Pakistanis do flag hosting, Parade, Military exhibition, awards ceremonies, singing patriotic songs, entertainment and military programs are being held all over the country.

No one should feel any kind of hesitation for offering sacrifice of his life at the time of need. Their predominant intentions become to get Punjab cut off from the independent Pakistan and for that purpose they attacked vigorously on the regions like Lahore and Sialkot.

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Nishan-e-Haider is a special batch which is given to brave martyred people in Pakistan who leave remarkable examples of bravery and sacrifices for nation. This war affected financially both Defence day of pakistan 6 september essay but none of them could dominate.

In a second festival, Eid ul-Adha, an animal is sacrificed in remembrance of the actions of Abraham and the meat is shared with friends, family, and the less fortunate. However, this decreased with help from the International Monetary Fund and significant debt-relief from the United States.

This is first because of its support to guerillas in Afghanistanfollowing Soviet invasionand later during the s because of its cooperation with and support for the Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

6th September 1965 Speech in Urdu Essay

That was the day when unity was touching the sky and Pakistan got united to defend Pakistan. National songs and special documentaries about 6th September, and martyred people of 6th September war are displayed on TV.

However, since Pakistan has basically supported the West in their war against fundamentalist terrorismincluding the removal of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

6 September Pakistan Defence Day Speech in Urdu

The people can celebrate this day in their own way. The first people in Ancient Pakistan lived years ago. These shows are displayed on national TV channels as well.

6 September Pakistan Defense Day Speech/Essay

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India who has been always annoyed on Pakistan after independence made a massive mistake as they increase their messy intentions towards the Muslims country Pakistan, ignorant and un-observed.

Pak — India War II was fought in It was the day when Pakistan military and people stood united in the defense of Pakistan in front of the Indian army.

6 September is a very bright day in the history of Pakistan. It is the day on which everyone in the whole nation is proud of.

This is because we Pakistanis on that day were able to protect ourselves from the aggression of our neighbour who was much bigger in power than us. 6 September Defence Day Essay & Speeches in Urdu For School and Colleges August 25, News The 6th September is a memorable chapter in the history of Pakistan, when Pakistan its military and people stood united in defense of Pakistan.

Indo-Pak War (Defence Day)

Holidays and observances in Pakistan inReligious festivals like Eid are celebrated according to the Islamic calendar whereas other national holidays like Kashmir Day, international labor day, Pakistan day and Quaid-i-Azam Day are celebrated according to the Gregorian calendar.

Defence Day is celebrated in Pakistan as a national day every year on 6 th Sep in memory of those who martyred in the Indo-Pakistani War of and the successful defense of Lahore, Sialkot and other significant areas of the country. it is going to share about the Essay On 6th September Defence Day Of Pakistan.

Public Holidays 2018 Dates in Pakistan

There is no doubt that it is the day celebrated as memory of martyred people. Pakistan has four seasons: a cool, dry winter from December through February; a hot, dry spring from March through May; the summer rainy season, or southwest monsoon period, from June through September; and the retreating monsoon period of October and November.

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Defence day of pakistan 6 september essay
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